Arrange items

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Corkulous allows to group multiple items.  Once grouped, when selecting an item, all the items in the group are selected.  The group may be dragged around the board to reposition.  There are menus and shortcuts to set size of multiple selected items.

Grouping Items

  1. Group Items: On iPadOS/macOS Select multiple items and use the group button in the navigation bar.  The group button will change state.  On iPhone use the ... button and select Group.
  2. Ungroup Items: Go through the same process to group items.

Size Items on the Board

  1. Add the Sizing Button to the Toolbar: On iPadOS/macOS make certain the alignment button is added first.  Tap the ... menu button to customize the toolbar.  Drag the size button on to the toolbar.
  2. Set Item Size: On iPadOS/macOS select the items you wish to resize and use the menu to choose the size style.  On iPhone select the items you wish to size items.  Tap one of the items after selecting to bring up the menu.  Scroll the menu with the arrow and select size.  Finally choose the size sytle to resize the items.
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