Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How do I unsubscribe?

A. It’s very simple to unsubscribe, and takes a few seconds. You unsubscribe from your device settings. Manage your subscriptions

Q. How do I share my purchase with my other devices?

A. After you have subscribed on one device, tap the RESTORE PURCHASE on another device. Note you must have the same iCloud account or be a user on a Family plan of the subscriber. Please do not subscribe twice. Also, see a question below about moving to lifetime purchase.

Q. My purchase is not restoring on an alternative device. What can I do?

A. Make certain you are logged into iCloud with the same user. Try rebooting your device.

Q. I currently have a monthly or yearly subscription. How do I switch to lifetime?

A. Cancel your subscription. Wait for your current subscription to end. When it ends, go to the subscription manager in settings and purchase lifetime subscription.

Q. Is the subscription cross platform?

A. Yes.

Q. Do you support family purchases?

A. Yes. Please read apple's document, as we have no control over this other than turing it on. It's all handled by iOS/macOS. Sharing your apple purchases.

Q. My boards don’t seem to be syncing in iCloud. What can I do?

A. Usually this is direct result of your device OS’s being out of sync. Updating your devices to the latest version usually fixes this problem. If you have added new devices, make certain you Restore Purchase in the Subscription Manager. Also, make sure you are using the iCloud collection. Did you run out of space on iCloud Drive? That’s a problem.

Corkulous will store your boards in a folder on iCloud Drive. This folder is named Corkulous. These files will be synced to your other devices in their iCloud Drive Corkulous folder. Corkulous will look for changes in this folder and update your boards automatically. iCloud handles all the syncing. You should not place files in these folders. Do not mess with them. If you don’t see the folders syncing on your devices, then you have an iOS issue that needs to be worked out. Yes, that’s very possible for the occasional user. We have users writing in about this, and it always is some iOS problem. We cannot solve iOS issues for you. Some users have rebooted to make it work. A few have signed out and in of iCloud.


Q. I’d like to share my boards with other users. How?

A. The best way to accomplish this is using a shared dropbox folder. Other users you share the folder with can add it to their dropbox collection.

Q. Where can I learn about Markdown for rich editing?

A. We have a guide here -> Markdown guide

Q. I am having all sorts of errors/crashes when trying to create boards or add items. What can I do?

A. Check your storage to see if you have run out of space. Also, if in iCloud folder, check out storage if you are at capacity.

Q. It takes a long time to create a list of tasks. How can I do this quickly?

A. Create a list of tasks in notes. Drop and drop that note right on the board. [Protip] Video

Q. I purchased Corkulous many years ago. What happened to it?

A. The IP of Corkulous was acquired from Appigo in 2015, and we created a new developer account. Older versions (below 3.0) of Corkulous no longer work due to iOS 11 blocking 32 bit apps. We’re sorry, but if you have issues with this, you might want to contact Appigo. The application would have ceased to exist had we not bought the IP.

Q. Where are my local boards on the mac?

A. If you are interested in just using a local drive, this folder is where all of your data resides. Please back it up.

~/Library/Containers/com.corkedlabs.corkulous/Data/Library/Application Support/Corkulous/Documents/Local

Q. Does Corkulous for macOS run on older version than Monterrey?

A. No. There is technology in Corkulous that depends on Monterrey or greater.

Q. What happened to Corkulous Standard?

A. Standard was removed because no one was purchasing it any longer. Finally, it became too difficult to manage multiple releases and support. We recommend you upgrade to the current Pro version. You can still download Corkulous standard if you purchased it. See instructions here -> Apple support.