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Corkulous offers a plethora of ways to export data.  Export types include, PDF, PNG, TXT, Board and ZIP.

Export Board

  1. Expand the Document Menu: On all devices, located next to the document name, expand the document menu.
  2. Send a Copy: Tap the Send a Copy menu item to reveal all the chocies for selection.
  3. Choose a Region: A dialog will ask if you would like to export the entire board or the current window region.  There is an option to give the board a transparent background.
  4. Save/Share: On macOS users will be prompted to save the file locally.  On iPadOS/iOS users will be prompted to use the share dialog to choose a destination.

Export Tips

  • PDF: Exporting to PDF is likely the most used option.  When exporting to pdf link previews are clickable.
  • PNG: Export the board as a PNG document.  Choose a transparent background, which is useful for working with web content.
  • TXT: Export all the text from the board to a text file.
  • Board: Export a board in corkulous format to share with other users.  Just drag and drop the board into the home view.
  • ZIP: Extract the entire contents of a board into a zip file.
  • Export Alternatives: See managing boards for other ways to export boards.
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