Managing boards

/ Managing boards

There are two ways of managing boards in the home screen.  First, by long pressing (or right click on the mac) a board and revealing it's menu of options.  Second, by tapping the pencil in the navigaiton bar, which will allow to select multiple boards at one to perform batch operations.

The following options are available in the menu:

  • Open a new window:  This options opens a board in a new window.
  • Rename - Rename the board.
  • Move - You can move a board to another folder.
  • Archive -  Archiving a board removes it from the main view.  Tap the option in the top segmented control in the navigation bar to reveal archived boards.
  • Copy - Copy a board so that you may paste it.
  • Lock- Lock a board so that it maybe only be opened by passcode or biometrics.
  • Delete - Delete a board.  Note, you can undo a delete.
  • Share - Sharing a board shows all export options.  See export options for more details.
  • Save as Template - Save a board as a template.  See creating a board for more details.
  • Copy URL - Getting a boards URL allows you to deep link into Corkulous.  This is especially useful when using shortcuts automation.

To make changes to multiple boards at once tap the pencil button in the navigation bar.  The contents of the navigation bar will change.  When finished, tap the Done button.  Tap each board you wish to apply batch updates to. The board will be highlighted in yellow.

  1. Trash Button: All boards selected will be deleted. This can be undone.
  2. Archive Button: All boards selected will be archived.
  3. Move Button: All boards will be moved to a new folder.  A new screen will appear on iphone to select the folder.  On macOS/iPadOS simply use the side bar.
  4. Undo Button: Operations can be undone.
  5. Lock Button: Lock all selected boards.