Create a board

/ Create a board

There are multiple options to create a board in Corkulous.  Tap the plus button in the navigation bar to open the board creation screen.

  1. Blank BoardThe app offers a variety of sample sizes for creating blank boards, all set against a cork background. This flexibility allows users to choose the size that best fits their needs.
  2. There is a settings in board properties to enlarge a board.
  3. Template Users can save templates of their boards for future use. These templates are stored in a dedicated section, making it easy to create new boards based on previously designed layouts. 
  4. LibraryThe library contains pre-designed samples provided by the developers, Corked Labs. This feature is likely intended to give users ideas or starting points for their own creations.
  5. Import: We doubt many people will use this method, as it is very dated.  You may add boards in the files app -> On my device -> Corkulous -> A series of corkulous files.  On the mac, the device must be connected and will appear in the sidebar in the finder.  Select the device -> select files -> collapse the corkulous app, and add/remove corkulous files into it.
Boards can be duplicated by long pressing and selecting the duplicate option from the menu. Users can also copy and paste boards within other boards, enabling a nested structure. Additionally, creating a template from a board places it in the templates area, providing an organized way to reuse board designs.