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Strings can visually connect different items pinned to the board, such as notes, photographs, or documents. This is particularly useful for creating a visual map or a flowchart.  For brainstorming sessions, strings can help in forming associations between different ideas or concepts, aiding in creative thinking and idea development.

To use the described feature on an iPadOS or macOS device, first extend the shelf on the left side of the screen. On an iPhone, the shelf extends from the bottom instead. Here are the steps to follow:

  1. Accessing the String Item: Tap on the string item located in the shelf. This will cause the item to animate and move to the center of the canvas.
  2. Attach a String to items: After the string item is added to the canvas drag each end (pin) to a place on a item to create a connection.  Once the end is atop an item it sticks to it.
  3. Edit the String: Select the string to edit it's properties.  Users may add text boxes to the middle or either end of the string to add more context.  There are 6 colors the string supports.  Finally, you may change the end items of the string (pin, pointing finger, thumbtack, or nothing).

String Tips

  • Drag a new String from another String:  Users may long press for a few seconds at the end of a connnector to drag out another.
  • Creating Similar Items: To quickly create an item similar to one you've just made, use the keyboard shortcut ⇧⌘N.
  • Connecting Items: To connect items, long-press on an item until it glows. Then, drag a string/connector to another item. Alternatively, select two items and connect them using the pin button in the navigation bar. There's also a setting in the board's settings to choose the type of connections.
  • Automation:  Use shortcuts to automate adding strings to boards.