Release 7.1: Fulfilling user requested features.


November 16, 2020

Our latest update has our mac version ready for Apple's Silicon and filling in user's big requests. We also have the following features:

  • Thumbnails for nested boards (the biggest request) which are resizable. You may also edit their titles. Just double tap/click on the title.
  • Deep linking too boards. In the share menu, just create a link, which work even with nested boards. We changed the title (in the generated url) of your on disk share to "Local" to make sure your those links will never change. It used to be your device name, but that could raise issues if you change it. Note, if you create links using markdown, Apple's PDF app (preview) won't let you follow deep links. Very silly. It works fine with acrobat.
  • You may export all the boards assets into a zip file. Handy if you decide to ever stop using the app and you want to extract your data.
  • We have a new color picker specific to the macOS which works on Catalina and Big Sur.
  • We had to update the icon on the mac to reflect the changes Apple wanted. This will also happen on Catalina. Gone is the macOS round icon 😢

There's nothing specific in Big Sur that you won't get in Catalina. There's no rush to upgrade macOS, unless you need something from Big Sur. Of course, we do recommend you upgraded to the latest version of Catalina (10.15.7). Now, we RECOMMEND you get iOS 14 as there are several specific changes that happened in that update. Always stay up to date on iOS. Always.

As usual, write in your feature requests, cause as you can see, we make them happen. Also, send us any bugs you might encounter.

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