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Corkulous uses alignment guides to help position items.  These guides can be turned on and off in boards settings.  There are menus and shortcuts to create alignments with multiple selected items.

Alignment Guides

  1. Show Board Settings: On iPadOS/macOS make certain the shelf is visible using the knob.  Select settings.  On iPhone select the drop down menu from the document name in the toolbar and tap board settings.
  2. Turn Alignment On/Off: In the general section use the switch to turn alignment guides on/off.

Align Items on the Board

  1. Add the Alignment Button to the Toolbar: On iPadOS/macOS make certain the alignment button is added first.  Tap the ... menu button to customize the toolbar.  Drag the alignment button on to the toolbar.
  2. Align the Items: On iPadOS/macOS select the items you wish to align and use the menu to choose the alignment style.  On iPhone select the items you wish to align.  Tap one of the items after selecting to bring up the menu.  Scroll the menu with the arrow and select align.  Finally choose the alignment sytle to align the items.