Change a boards settings

/ Change a boards settings

Boards offer a variety of properties that users can customize. Board settings and size are specific to the board you are currently working with. The remaining settings are universal and persist across all boards.

Board-Specific Settings

These settings apply only to the board you are currently working on. They allow users to customize individual boards according to the specific needs of each project or presentation.

Board Settings

  • Background Tile: A variety of tiles to choose from.
  • Background Color: Customizable using a color picker.
  • Grid: Different grid styles available for the board's background.
  • Lock Board: Securing the board with a passcode or biometrics.
  • Photo Settings: Options to change photo quality and remove borders.
  • Video Quality: Adjustable video quality settings.
  • Hide Shadows: An option to hide shadows for items on the board.

Board Size

  • Width: Change the width of the current board.
  • Height: Change the heght of the current board.


Universal Settings

These settings are applied globally and affect all boards you work with. They ensure a consistent user experience and functionality across all projects.

Drag and Drop

  • Drop Text:  Settings for handling text dragged and dropped or copied to the board, with a recommendation for the 'Ask' setting for flexibility.


  • Hold and Drag: Setting for the style of connection when long pressing and dragging an item.
  • Connect Items: Setting for the connection style when using the pin button to connect two items.


  • Show Guides:Option to turn alignment guides on and off.
  • Show Frames: Ability to turn on frames for boards.
  • Search Archived Boards: Feature to search through archived boards.
  • Delay Loading Items: Setting to delay loading of items not in view, noted as unnecessary for modern devices.