Use folders and cloud services

/ Use folders and cloud services

Boards are shown as thumbnails in the home screen of Corkulous.  Each board and its nested boards are stored within individual files. To simplify the use of Corkulous, the app efficiently organizes all your boards into different folders or collections. Corkulous supports various storage options, including internal storage, Apple iCloud, and Dropbox. Notably, Dropbox offers the added functionality of allowing multiple directories, enhancing organizational flexibility and user convenience. This feature is particularly useful for users who need to categorize their boards into distinct groups or for those managing a large number of boards.


In the circled areas are the buttons to activate folders.  

  1. Local Storage:   This folder stores local boards. If cloud service is unavailable, this is your option. However, we recommend using cloud services for data backup.
  2. iCloudThis folder contains your boards stored on Apple's iCloud Drive. In iCloud Drive, you will find a directory (screen shot below) managed by Corkulous. You can double-click any file in the directory to open Corkulous. We DO NOT recommend storing other other data in the iCloud directory, as its contents are synced across your iOS or macOS devices via iCloud.
  3. Dropbox If you have a Dropbox account, you can store your data in one or more folders.
  4. Add Dropbox Folder:  Initially, tapping this button will guide you through Dropbox's authentication methods. On iOS/iPadOS, authentication occurs through the app, while on macOS, it's via a web browser. After authentication, tap 'Add Dropbox Folder' again to view your root Dropbox folder. Select a folder and hit 'save'. A new folder will appear in your list for creating and syncing boards. Similar to iCloud, the folder will contain a list of Corkulous files, and Dropbox will handle syncing to other devices.