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Users may place a sketch directly on the board, which is useful for brainstorming sessions, illustrating ideas, or just adding a personal touch.

To use the described feature on an iPadOS or macOS device, first extend the shelf on the left side of the screen. On an iPhone, the shelf extends from the bottom instead. Here are the steps to follow:

  1. Accessing the Sketch Item: Tap on the sketch item located in the shelf. This will cause the item to animate and move to the center of the canvas.
  2. Editing the Sketch: Once the sketch is in the center the sketch canvas will be raised.  Users may create a sketch and save it to the board.  Please review the sketch component below.


Corkulous has its own sketch component.  While Apple's tools allow you to mark up a photo our sketch adds more features.  It offers shape detection for lines, circles,, triangles and rectangles, so that you can draw them perfectly.  It supports drag and drop of photos.  You can add multiple photos to the canvas.  There are options to change the background color/tiles or add a grid.  We'll explain the features below the screenshot.

  1. Settings: The settings for sketch contains multiple options.
    • Options to turn on and off shape detection.
    • An option to to change the behavior of the Apple pencil.
    • Settings for the width of the stroke of each tool.
    • An option to change the transparency of the marker.
  2. Background Options: A menu that allows for setting the background color/tile, making it transparent or adding a grid to the canvas.
  3. Undo and Redo:  Very handy to back out.  Change the setting for Apple Pencil's double tap to engage undo as well. Once you finish and save your sketch, the sketch is flattened and saved.
  4. Clear: Use this to clear the canvas.  You may undo it if necessary.
  5. Add Media:  There are 3 ways of adding media by using the photo library, files app and camera.  This will add media to your canvas you have the option to resize it before placing it in.  There is also a menu item to share the current canvas.
  6. Color Pallet:  You can change the color of the tool's stroke by using the color pallet.
  7. Sketch Tools:  The sketch component offers some differing tools.
    • Paint Brush - A thicker stroke.
    • Pen - A more medium stroke.
    • Marker - A thicker translucent stroke.  
    • Pencil -  A thinner stroke.
    • Eraser - A stroke that erases.
    • Lasso Tool - Encircle items to move them around the canvas or change their height and width. You can tap them to copy and paste.

Sketch Tips

  • Transparent Backgrounds: Sketches may have transparent backgrounds. Select from the edit (paint brush) menu.  These sketches shall appear as they were drawn on the canvas or atop other items.
  • Creating Similar Items: To quickly create an item similar to one you've just made, use the keyboard shortcut ⇧⌘N.
  • Connecting Items: To connect items, long-press on an item until it glows. Then, drag a string/connector to another item. Alternatively, select two items and connect them using the pin button in the navigation bar. There's also a setting in the board's settings to choose the type of connections.
  • Automation:  Use shortcuts to automate adding sketches to boards.
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