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The Audit Plus app adopts an impressive array of features from iOS/iPadOS/macOS.

Dark Mode

The Audit Plus app supports both dark and light appearances are supported.  Dark appearance is likely easier on the eyes.  Learn more about Dark Mode.

Multi Screen Support

Corkulous supports multiple screens on iPad and macOS.  This enables side by side editing boards.  Learn more about iPadOS Multi-Tasking.



Shortcuts are the foundation of Corkulous amazing automation. We have developed a variety of shortcut actions that allow you automate the majority of the app. Finally, we have developed a series of shortcuts which demonstrate these actions. Learn more about Apple's Shortcuts. See our automation section for more documentation and a gallery of our sample shortcuts.



The Audit Plus app has a widget! The widget creates a queue recently used templates. It's handy if you want to start a quick audit or test. Edit the widget (by long pressing) to have a default name for the conducted by field.  Learn more about Widgets.